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Earn T-POINT Card! Can use!

Hotel Futaba Yuzawa Official WEB site only! T-POINT gift on reservation from this homepage!

Please present your T-POINT Card to the front desk at checkout.

One point will be collected for every 200 yen!We will grant a 1 point per 200 yen rates (excluding tax) in the present your T-POINT Card at the time of your payment.

Booking on this homepage is advantageous!
For example ...

Two people stay 1 person 20,000 yen 20,000 yen × 1 night × 2 people = 40,000 yen
In this case, 200 points for T-POINT!
Available in 100 points unit!With 1 point as 1 yen, it is possible to use it in 100 point units for payment of the accommodation fee.

T-POINT Acquisition Method

  • 1.Book from Hotel Futaba Yuzawa WEB site (this homepage)
    3.Present T-POINT Card at checkout
    ※If you do not have a T Card, you can not attach a T-POINT.
    ※Payment in cash thank you.In case of payment with credit card, T-POINT can not be attached.
    Four.T-POINT Acquisition
    T-POINT will be added within 2 months after staying.

Points to note

  • T-POINT Card in advance to ensure smooth usage. Thank you for your cooperation.

    1.Point booking and point use are direct booking only.
    Points can be granted only for room rates booked from our website, and discounts due to point use are possible.
    ※T-POINT Card cannot be used for reservations made through online agents such as Jalan.net and Rakuten Travel, and travel agencies.

    2.It is not possible to use point addition, discount together.
    Other services, coupons, accommodation vouchers, discounts, point grants and T-POINT Card cannot be used in combination.
    ※It is not possible to discount at other services and only give points to the accommodation fee after discount.

    3.About point grant rate.
    It is a grant rate of 0.5% against the accommodation fee.