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Surrounding tourism

  • Okadeden Lake cruise ship

    Enjoy the elegance when you can enjoy the Okadayamako of Uonuma City with the pleasure boat by sea of ​​deep green and autumn leaves.The Silver Line Tunnel (about 20 km tunnel) is a must-see.

    Nearest IC: 40 minutes from Koide IC
    Business period: late May to late October
    Charge:Adult 800 yen · Child 400 yen
    Inquires:TEL 025 - 795 - 2750
  • Ununoan

    It is a temple that became popular in the big river Tenchi people (broadcast from January 4th to the same year November 22nd, 2009), which is a facility that was used as a place for education when scenic and cumulative are childhood.

    Nearest IC: 10 minutes from Shiozawa Ishi IC
    Business period:All Year
    Price: ¥ 300
    Inquires:TEL 025-782-0520
  • Tsurugi no Sato

    Shiozawa fabric of traditional crafts handled at Tsurugi no Sato is good in material and we are also doing textile experience so please visit interested customers to Tsurugi no Sato.

    Nearest IC: 5 minutes from Shiozawa Ishi IC
    Business period:All Year(Closed on Wednesday in winter from December to March)
    Charge:Admission free, textile experience inquiries required
    Inquires:TEL 025 - 782 - 0019
  • Experience studio Daita Taita

    There are plenty of menus such as experience of buckwheat hammering, making miso making experience, etc. Making Echigo-Yuzawa's memories is recommended by experiential studio Daita Daiga.

    Nearest IC: 15 minutes from Yuzawa IC
    Business period:All Year(Every Wednesday Closed)
    Price: Depends on experience menu Request inquiries.
    Inquires:TEL 025 - 787 - 1122
  • Fruits Land Ikeda

    Beginning with harvesting cherries in the middle season of June, you can enjoy a wide variety of fruit hunts of 10 items, from summer fruit to apple hunting in the lower season of November.

    Nearest IC: Numata IC (Each plantation is dotted, inquiries required.)
    Sales: Mid June to late November
    Charge:Request inquiry
    Inquires:TEL 0278-23-9111
  • Tokamachi beauty forest

    Beech trees of about 80 years old trees grow thick, and beech standing appearance is beautiful so it came to be called "beautiful forest." You can enjoy forest bathing.

    Nearest IC: 50 minutes from the Tokiwa IC
    Sales:All Year
    Inquires:TEL 025-757-3345
  • Kiyotsugyo

    The colored leaves of Kiyotsugyo are spectacular.In the Cheongsin Gorge Valley Tunnel we are introducing the formation and the four seasons of Kiyotsugyo by panel and video.

    Nearest IC: 10 minutes from Shiozawa IC
    Business: Closed for mid-January to mid-March due to snowfall
    Charge:Adult 500 yen · Child 250 yen
    Inquires:TEL 025 - 763 - 4800 '
  • Yuzawa Cable Truck

    Ropeway connecting seven minutes to Alp no Sato is 1,300 meters in length and it is the world' s largest 166 seats, please enjoy the large panorama of Yuzawa spreading under the eyes.

    Nearest IC: 5 minutes from Yuzawa IC
    Sales: Mid April to late November
    Charge:Adult 1800 yen · Child 800 yen
    Inquires:TEL 025 - 784 - 3326
  • Tanigawa-dake ropeway

    It is a ropeway connecting 2.4 km from the moat mouth to the Tenjinpe at an altitude of 1319 m. You can enjoy the spectacular scenery that changes constantly at high speed over a wide window.

    Nearest IC: 20 minutes from water-based IC
    Sales:All Year
    Charge:Round trip 2000 yen
    Inquiries: 0278-72-3575
  • Tsunami Sunflower Square

    At Sunflower Square in Tsunan Town, 500,000 sunflowers bloom during the period and spread throughout the sight.The sunflower field of Tsunan is recommended for the summer vacation.

    Nearest IC: 30 minutes from Shiozawa IC
    Sales: Mid July - Mid August
    Inquiries: 025-765-5585
  • Takumi no Sato

    It is possible to stroll around idyllic country scenery while enjoying experiencing learning with twenty-four houses of "Takumi no home" where you can experience bamboo shoots and soba noodles.

    Nearest IC: 15 minutes from Tsunoguno IC
    Sales:All Year
    Charge:Request inquiry
    Inquiries: 0278-54-2211
  • Tsunigino Beauty Park

    Experiences that you can enjoy from adults to small children ranging from full-blown glasses to stained glasses, music boxes and other small items.

    Nearest IC: 10 minutes from Tsukinoi IC
    Sales: All year (Weekly holidays are different so please inquire)
    Price: different menu
    Inquiries: 0278-62-2211
Hakkaisan RopewayFrom the mountaintop observation deck you can enjoy the beautiful 360 ° panorama that you can see from the mountains of Joshinetsu and on the sunny day to the Sea of ​​Japan and Sado Island.
Nearest IC: 20 minutes from the Tokiwa IC
Business period: mid-April to mid-November
Charge:For round trip 14 people or less 1800 yen
Inquires:TEL 025 - 775 - 3311
Minakami no MoriWe also offer trekking experiences of the trick art museum and Maki Kami Forest full of fun, full of fun.
Nearest IC: 5 minutes from the water-based IC
Sales:All Year
Charge:Adult 900 yen · Child 600 yen
Inquires:TEL 0278 - 72 - 8181
Tanbara Lavender ParkLavender picking in the garden will be held in the best summer time. After enjoying the fragrance of lavender fully please eat delicious lavender soft cream happily.
Nearest IC: 30 minutes from Numata IC
Sales: late June to late September
Charge:Adult 1000 yen
Inquires:TEL 0278 - 23 - 9311

A sightseeing spot that can be walked

  • "Ponshukan" at Echigo-Yuzawa Station premises, 3 cups at 500 yen tasting!
  • Let's touch the lives of the snow country and Yasunari Kawabata at "Snow Country Museum"!
  • Nostalgic shooting! Get a prize!
  • There are footbaths dotted in within Yuzawa Town!