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Seasonal cuisine cuisine prepared by carefully selecting Niigata carefully selected ingredients by the chief chef.

■Dinner time
We will inform you with 3 types of start times of "18: 00/18: 30/19: 00".

■Breakfast time
Entrance from 7:30 to 9:00 (※It is open until 9:30. )
  • Niigata carefully selected ingredients

    The hotel uses passion from ingredients, fresh fish / vegetables selected by chief chefs.
    I was bitten by the sea of ​​the Sea of ​​Japan, fish are living well and my body is tight, so I can understand the difference if you eat a bite.
    In addition, because Echigo-Yuzawa snow in winter even in within Niigata Prefecture, its thawing water brings blessings to the earth, making rice, sake, vegetables tasty exquisitely.
  • Supper for children

    From the left, "Supper for elementary school children", "Supper for elementary school children changed to food for infants", and "Supper for infants".
    ※If you are an elementary school child and would like to change to a dish for young children, please contact us.
    ※The image is an image and is subject to change due to purchasing.

Dining Hall

  • Manyo Path

    It is a private dining hall with a partition based on your private space.
    Suitable for 2 to 10 names after family such as children.
  • Private Room Dining "Hanagoyomi"

    Private room dining "Hanagoyomi" prepares tables, so it is perfect for customers with poor legs.
    Couple, family and suitable, after 2 to 10 names.
  • Manyo Chaya

    We set up 16 rooms in the 3rd floor with new room / table style private room dining.It became a space where you can enjoy your passion and dining more comfortably in creating interior and garden atmosphere.
    Also, a part of the restaurant can be used for meeting subcommittee etc. by partitioning with electric shutter like the existing "Hanagoyomi".
  • Dining hall Futaba-tei, mid-banquet Hanakaido, Hanakagari

    The alumni association · ranking association, and also the company · university welcome party · farewell party etc. Various uses, suitable for use after 10 to 50 names.Why do not you talk about flowers in the Futaba middle banquet hall.
  • Great Ballroom "Kaen", Convention Hall "Fukuju"

    When there are many people and it is hard to find the place, please use the Futaba large banquet hall.Please correspond to 50 to 300 people and use for the company's year-end party, New Year's party, unforgettable fun party for only one day.We also accept inquiries for wedding ceremonies.