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About us

Management policy

Futaba's motto is "Nico Nico · Hakihaki · Energetic · Thank you".We try not to forget your attention, attentiveness and worry, so that we will serve customers directly.

company overview

Located on the elevated Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Springs at the modern Japanese-style inn, you can overlook mountain ranges and cityscapes from the top floor public bath.Rooms 78 rooms with indoor outdoor baths 29 rooms, Inner Yasuragi-to"Flower·Wednesday·Thursday"3 rooms, Capacity 400 people.
Observation large public bath sky hot water There are various kinds of baths such as medicinal herb baths, pearl baths, sleeping baths, Utasuyu, etc. in "Yorikuru" "Pastaku", Yamanbocha "Mountain no yu" "Sato no yu".

■Establishment/Showa 24
■Capital/¥ 70 million
■Representative/Representative Director and President, Shoichi Kobayashi
■number of employees/Full-time employee 60, Total number, 65 people
■location/〒949-6101, 419 Yuzawa, Yuzawa Town, Minami-uonuma County, Niigata Prefecture


Established "Futaba Ryokan" as an individual company, (7 rooms / 30 people accommodation)

Reorganized into "LLC , Hotel Futaba Yuzawa"

11 reinforced concrete buildings with three stories added(29 rooms·Accommodates 110 people)

Reinforcing bar 5 floors Building 6 rooms · Observation bath · Entrance · Lobby · dining room / conference room expanded (35 rooms / 150 people accommodating)

Expansion of 5 rooms, large banquet hall, cafeteria and conference room (40 guest rooms and 200 people accommodation)

Steel reinforcing bars 7 floors, 20 rooms · Lounge club · bar · convention hall · large and small banquet hall · large public bath (men and women) expanded (53 rooms, 332 people accommodated) Create TV commercials

Government registration Ryokan approval(Registration Trip 2015)

Ballroom, addition of Kaen"Kiri no ma Kaen" (109 square meters)

Old building guest room renovation 12 rooms · Rebuilt women's public bath

Renewal Open, Steel reinforcing bar 7 floor rooms·Lobby floor·Banquet floor·Convention Hall·Cuisine