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  • 6th floor "Yamanbocha entrance"
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Body care / Foot vase

  • ■Body care course
     Half an hour/3,000 yen, 40 minutes/4,000 yen, 60 minutes/6,000 yen

    ■Feet (feet)
     30 minutes / 3, 300 yen (course from foot soles to calves)
     40 minutes / 4,300 yen (I spend a lot of time spending time from the sole to the calves.)

    ■Body + Footprint
     40 minutes / 4,100 yen (20 minutes for body and 20 minutes for foot)
     60 minutes / 6,100 yen (The customer decides the time of body and foot well.)

    ■Head spa
     Half an hour/4,000 yen

    ※Currently dormant

Bully cleansing care

  • ■Half an hour/4,500 yen
    ·Briskness, Body shampoo, Shampooing

    ■45 minutes/¥ 6,300
    ·Briskness, Body shampoo, Facial lymphatic massage, Scalp massage, Décolleté, back, Aroma massage

    ■60 minutes/¥ 7,800
    ·Briskness, Body shampoo, Facial lymphatic massage, Scalp massage, Whole body aroma lymphatic massage

    ※Currently dormant

Female beauty salon course

  • ■Horny removal of feet, Half an hour/4,000 yen

    ■Facial massage, Half an hour/4,000 yen

    ■Full body aroma oil massage, 40 minutes/¥ 7,000

    ■Head spa, Half an hour/4,000 yen

    〔 Beauty craniopathy field 〕
    ■Symmetry faced face, 40 minutes/8,000 yen
    ·It is a technique to correct a slight misalignment of a joint (suture) of a skull formed by 23 bones.
    Face left and right difference, nose bend, height 頰, face line slack, eyes size, face sharpness, forehead, wrinkle wrinkle, old face, neck, shoulder stiffness, face is not refreshing.

    〔 Framework 〕
    ■Neuron Muscle Analyze
     60 minutes/8,000 yen
     90 minutes/12,000 yen
    ·It is a combination of muscle fascia correction, visceral correction and skeletal correction.Since it enters the treatment after confirming the state of the customer by the method called line analysis, it can obtain high effect by approach from three directions.
    It is effective for various troubles of the body skeleton, muscles, internal organs' cosmetic aspects and health aspects.

    ※Currently dormant
  • Recruiting staff!
    For more details, Hotel Futaba Yuzawa, Kobayashi, 025-784-3357